Candice Junge's Trajectory from Emory Pharmacology to Amgen

Candice Junge, PhDAs a graduate student in the Emory University Molecular and Systems Pharmacology program Candice Junge PhD worked with Steve Traynelis exploring the role of PAR-1 receptors in brain injury following stroke. Upon graduation in 2003 she was considered the world's leading authority on PAR-1 receptors in cerebral mice. To be sure the science was rock solid, but where do you go next? She took her training to southern California and after a brief postdoc in neurobiology at UCLA, Candice made her first step into the bioscience industry.  After a few moves, she serves today as the Development Design Director at Amgen. I caught up with Candice to chat briefly about her interesting and rewarding career path since leaving Emory.

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