Pharmacology Research Internship Program

The goals of this program are to provide interns with practical experience in biomedical research and to help them gain an understanding of recent advances in pharmacological research through interactions with faculty and postdoctoral fellows within the department. Research activities will be customized for each intern’s specific interests and educational goals. Each internship will last at least two months after safety training but no more than six months, and will be on an unpaid volunteer basis. Each intern will be assigned a departmental faculty mentor, please contact the faculty for field of interest.

• Opportunity to work directly with a faculty mentor and lab members within a flexible schedule;
• Conduct research on a specific aspect of a project;
• Learn specific  techniques needed for the research project;
• Learn how to maintain a research notebook;
• Learn how to analyze actual research data statistically;
• Read relevant literature for the project;
• Learn to develop your own experimental research designs and protocols;
• Participate in laboratory research meetings and attend departmental research seminars;
• Receive Biosafety and Laboratory Safety training with the possibility of animal training;
• Present your project, write a report and discuss what you learned at a lab meeting near the end of the internship.

• Non-Emory undergraduate in good academic standing, post-baccalaureate or post-graduate;

• At least 18 years old;

• Strong interest in pursuing a biomedical research career.

Towards these objectives the Program will:

• Provide a research experience that may help students evaluate their interest and potential in a biomedical  research career;
• Provide opportunities to learn and gain practical training in the use of current research techniques.

• No work is permitted with animals or hazardous materials as defined by EHSO level 2, except under close immediate supervision by qualified faculty or senior staff after the intern completes the required safety and animal training. 
• The research intern will not replace a regularly paid staffing need. The work of project staff would continue without the participation of interns.
• Each internship requires the approval of the Program Director and department chair. 

• The program will be directed by Dr. Edward Morgan and annually reviewed by Drs. Morgan and Dingledine. 

• The department HR Manager (Ms. Olga Rivera) will maintain a database of internships including evaluations. 

• The department HR Manager will be responsible for ensuring that required regulatory and safety trainings are completed before research activities begin. The HR Manager will meet personally with each intern approximately halfway through the internship to discuss the process and value of this program.

• Upon completion of the internship each intern will be evaluated by the faculty mentor and in turn have a structured exit interview with the department administrator.

• Measures will be reviewed annually that ensure interns do not displace a current employee serving in a paid position, replace a past employee who served in a paid position, or impair the employment of an employee holding a paid position at Emory. For example, a faculty member cannot:

· Recruit an intern with responsibilities that overlap an existing open position, or
· Hire a technician to replace the intern’s responsibilities within 3 months of the end of the internship.

Complete the online program application and the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) application. Each form must be completed in its entirety. If your electronic signature is not available, print and sign completed pages, send all supporting documents to:


Emory University School of Medicine
Department of Pharmacology
Attn:  Ms. Olga Rivera
1510 Clifton Road, Suite 5002
O. Wayne Rollins Research Center
Atlanta,  Georgia 30322-3090
Telephone: (404) 727-5983
Fax: (404) 727-0365

The online application must be supported with printed documents which you date, sign, and mail to the Program Office. The online electronic application and supporting documents constitute a complete application for the Pharmacology Research Internship Program, they are not an offer of admission or a contract for internship.  Emory University reserves the right to determine program size and/or cancel the program. No applicants are guaranteed internship to the program, even when the general requirements are met.