Studying cell survival signaling pathways for therapeutic agent discovery and translational research

Survival signaling pathway studies

We are interested in identifying mechanisms that couple survival signaling to apoptosis machinery. One such mechanism is mediated by the family of 14-3-3 proteins. 14-3-3 suppresses apoptosis in part through binding to death-promoting proteins such as ASK1 and Bad. We are taking steps to dissect the roles of 14-3-3 in mitogenic and apoptotic signaling pathways. Because of its role in mitogenic signaling and tumorigenesis, 14-3-3 is used as a probe for identifying novel regulatory proteins that promote or

Translational research

To translate our basic understanding of survival signaling into clinic settings, we collaborate with physician scientists to develop novel therapeutic strategies for the treatment of cancer. Our collaborative project with Dr. Fadlo R. Khuri on lung cancer is such an example. On the other hand, we collaborate with chemists to develop new anticancer agents based on their action on survival pathways and move them into clinic